Real-World Asset Tokenization: Unlocking New Opportunities

The Importance of Research and Development in Blockchain Development Projects

2021 recap

2021 is over and we are summing it up.

AXIOMA continues to conquer ratings

We've being named as one of the leaders in B2B solution development companies in Latvia, according to report.

We are in the top B2B companies on Clutch!

Once again, we are in the top B2B companies on Clutch!

Thank you for your trust, we are doing best to keep high level!

The development of Proof of Toss is completed

This summer, our work on the Proof of Toss project was completed. We are grateful to the founders of the project for entrusting the AXIOMA team with the thought out and implementation of the technical part of the project. The task was difficult but fascinating.

What is Atomic Swap and how to implement it

The following article can be viewed as a blockchain development manual with significant immersion in the subject of Atomic Swaps and requires at least basic knowledge of the topic.

Mimblewimble: all you need to know

Eugene Pavlenko, CEO @ AXIOMA GROUP is speaking.

The Grin project that implements the Mimblewimble protocol seems to provide the highest level of blockchain privacy ever existed before. On January 15th it launched its miannet.

I got interested and decided to dive into the Mimblewimble protocol specification and documentation related to the Grin project. I tried to set up a node, a miner and to use the wallet.

This article will be the most interesting for:

  • those, who have never heard about neither Grin nor Mimblewimble. You will know they exist and why they are interesting
  • those, who heard something but didn’t get into details. I have gathered all key properties and facts in one article so that it will be easier for you to get a holistic perspective

2018: How it was

Short and concise post about our achievements in 2018 with information about new projects! 

Deloitte's 2018 Global Blockchain Survey: A Brief Review

One of the "Big Four" accounting organizations Deloitte has recently published a 50-pages global survey about utilizing the blockchain technology, the link on the initial document is at the end of this article. We’ve reviewed the report and want to share with you some key points.