2018: How it was

Short and concise post about our achievements in 2018 with information about new projects! 

Deloitte's 2018 Global Blockchain Survey: A Brief Review

One of the "Big Four" accounting organizations Deloitte has recently published a 50-pages global survey about utilizing the blockchain technology, the link on the initial document is at the end of this article. We’ve reviewed the report and want to share with you some key points.

Protection of Funds on Centralized Crypto Exchanges with Multi-Signature Addresses

For financial services companies, the security of the funds that are under their management is critically important. One of the most important tasks in the development of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange is the protection of customer funds. Within the framework of my column at, I spoke on the example of his own developments, explaining why multi-signature systems are good ways to protect Bitcoin and its forks that use the UTXO transaction model.

Smart loyalty points - is there a place for blockchain?

When talking about blockchain-based projects, we usually mean cryptocurrencies and exchanges for them. However, there are many ways to apply this technology, and today we want to talk about the loyalty points system on the blockchain.

Betting protocol PROOF OF TOSS: the features of technical implementation

New AXIOMA project: PROOF OF TOSS blockchain-protocol for betting industry.

Our CTO, Eugene Pavlenko, explained the project architecture and technical solutions in his interview for The Merkle.

Why are ICOs Failing or Going to the Moon?

We continue to talk about relevant information from The Blockchain Economic Forum 2018 that AXIOMA attended in Singapore. The conference has become a useful tool for immersing ourselves into different themes, such as Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects. Several panel discussions were completely devoted to this topic: the experts talked about problems and prospects of ICO campaigns.

Blockchain Economic Forum 2018: How It Was

Blockchain Economic Forum took place in Singapore this February. 200 investors, 800 businessmen, scientists, and developers gathered at the event for discussing all problems and prospects of the crypto industry. AXIOMA GROUP is focused on the development of blockchain solutions, therefore our CEO and CTO went to Singapore to exchange experience.