Increase search engine traffic on the website and due to this to increase sales.
Before we started working with him, website was already under Google Penguin filter, because of bad links, purchased on the stock exchanges of automatic promotion. This significantly worsened positions in search results.
Work process
  • 1

    Made semantic core

    Keywords for cosmetics brands and product categories.

  • 2

    Cleared outbound links leading to the bad websites

    Which negatively affected the ranking of website.

  • 3

    We have made the analysis of top online stores of cosmetics

    Add all important components and improved commercial factors.

  • 4

    Improved site optimization

    Fixed a few dozens of important errors in optimization.

  • 5

    Improved social factors

    VK, OK, Facebook, Twitter.


As a result, in 4 months we were in the top 10 Yandex by 65% of keywords and fixed in the top: