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Make 100%
Make basic
website optimization
Website has not a typical structure which generates a lot of duplicate content - full of duplicates and partial.Content is adding to the website not by owners,but by users, and all the content can be opened to indexing.
Work process

Analyzed this subject

As a result, on the website have implemented 11 important changes and 6 changes on the home page, which improve the website and SEO factors


Made basic optimization

During the analysis were identified and fixed 53 critical mistakes in optimization


Templates for generating headers and meta tags

For each of the pages' types, we have developed templates titles and meta tags, containing keywords for increasing search engine traffic

a month

Average growth - 36% monthly

Client review

The abc-ARGO company thanks AXIOMA and its employees for creating a platform about agriculture. Together we’ve have created an extraordinary and interesting website. During the project development process we’ve faced a few problems but they were successfully solved thanks to professionalism of AXIOMA's staff. We are looking forward to work with AXIOMA again.

А.V. Gornostaev
General director