abc-AGRO, development


Global service for the agrarian market members

Microsites of the suppliers with the catalog of products and services
Federal portal that made for high load
Platform for all market players’ communication
The team of businessmen united on mutual idea
Big plans
on raise

The main pages of the portal were discussed as prototypes

  • 1
    The catalog of the products and additional useful information is published on the first page
  • 2
    Every supplier, agent or seller can make his own micro website to present products and services, make tenders and publish the queries.
  • 3
    Complex structure of the market players and products is presented in the most easy way
page templates were created
MongoDB non-relational database for work with the large amount of data under high load
hours of the development
The portal is made on Symfony Framework - powerful and flexible system for the complex projects
Intelligent system of managing the access rights
Customization modules for easy modification to new data types
Big complex portal
Well thought usability and the data logic
Project is optimized for
high load