The largest trader of tickets for
events in Russia
Has been in top5 of search results at the beginning of cooperation with us
Regular AXIOMA customer
since May 2011
Tasks /
Task #1
Increase the positions of the website by the targeted keywords
Task #2
Increase website traffic
Task #3
Increase ticket sales
Features /

Sales of tickets for the event - a niche with a huge competition. consists of several hundred thousand pages, most of them - technical pages and duplicates, which initially hindered progress.

On the website is constantly happens, "blinking pages" - past events are removed, and new ones are added, thus the pages often fall and drop out of the index of search engines.

Work process /

Made quality semantic core

High-frequency and high-competitive keywords

(concerts, concert tickets, buy concert tickets, and so on)

Medium-frequency keywords

(queries by which search for categories of tickets: book theater tickets, tickets to musicals)

Low-frequency keywords

(queries by which are looking for tickets for particular activity: Basta concert in 2015, system of a down concert in Moscow)

Landing page optimization

Each keyword must conform to the page where the user will find what he was looking for.

Bug fix in the website structure

Duplicates of pages, broken links, excessive redirects, etc.

Added structured data

Improved link structure and usability

Significantly improved social factors

Increased the number of “likes” and “shares” pages in social networks - VK, Facebook, Twitter. Thus improving number of visitors from social networks.

Improved indexing

99% of all important pages are now in the index Yandex and Google.

The transition to the new design without losing SEO-traffic

Monthly activity

Work on the analysis of competitors, SEO-indicators improvements and tuning the website is made monthly.

Result /
Increase of traffic

compared to the year 2011:

Positions by the most competitive requests:
Keyword Yandex Google
билеты на концерт 1 1
заказ билетов на концерт 1 1
билеты на концерты 1 1
купить билеты на концерт 1 1
купить билет на концерт 1 1
билеты на концерты в москве 1 1
заказ билетов 3 1
The first place
in Yandex search engine visibility
Website Visibility
1 84%
2 46%
3 42%
4 30%
5 30%
6 28%
7 25%
8 25%
9 20%
10 19%

(100% visibility - this is the first position by all keywords)