CRYXUS Exchange


1. Development of a reliable cryptocurrency exchange
2. Organization of safe online wallet operations
3. Launching the project in a short time


Client Side

    • Registration/authorization, verification of an e-mail
    • Profile, password change
    • Google Authenticator (Two-Factor Authentication)
    • KYC – a verification of the identity by applying the documents  
    • Ticket system for customer support
    • History of orders, transactions, deposits, and withdrawals
    • Cryptocurrency deposit
    • Withdrawal of cryptocurrency to Cryxus or Bitcoin wallets
    • Instant commission calculation
    • Trade interface: a choice of markets, tickets, market chart, active orders, list of operations, user orders, form for creating of orders
    • System of order matching
    • E-mail notifications concerning operations

Administration System

    • Dashboard
    • Internal correspondence with users by private messages
    • Users management
    • Management of administrators and rights management
    • Deposit management
    • Withdrawal from deposits management
    • Users verification

Project support

    • Administrator documentation
    • User documentation
    • Technical documentation: installation, deployment  configuration, project architecture documentation
    • Set of automated tests (all internal systems are covered by unit-tests for 100% and an interface approximately for 50%)

Technology stack used within the development

    • Ruby 2.3 Rails
    • Databases PostgreSQL and Redis
    • RabbitMQ
    • Integration with Bitcoin Core and other blockchains compatible by API
    • Web-server Nginx
    • Application/Web server Unicorn, Nginx