Carry out a comprehensive technical and component audit.
We made only audit, not a full promotion. Identified errors and compile a list of improvements and recommendations.
Work process
  • Initially, we used an internal company checklists with a list of all internal SEO factors. We scanned the website and have written each of the errors were found.

  • Based on the semantic core, we identified the most successful in terms of SEO websites on this subject. Each of them we have analyzed in detail, it gave us an understanding of what was missing on the website diatomenterprises.com for improving position on Google.

  • We made a content analysis of websites on the top, set for each of the keywords:

    What content is best to use.

    What is the ideal size for the text

    What are the relevant terms most often used in the text

Based on these data we prepared specification, what should look perfect in terms of relevance landing pages.


As a result was made a PDF document with 29 pages with a list of specific recommendations and improvements. At the moment company Diatom Enterprises is implementing these improvements.