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Fast Reports – a website for a report generator and reporting tool for ASP.NET, MVC and Desktop.

Fast Reports
Increase website traffic from search engines
Project overview
13 years
Age of the website, frequent changes and redesign
50 000
Pages on website
Languages under one domain
Work Process

Ran an analysis of the websites’ indexing, discovered and corrected multiple errors.

From 50 thousand URL’s – 30 thousand were beneficial from the perspective of SEO and could provide benefit. 20 thousand however were rubbish, technical pages, duplicates etc.

Out of the 30 thousand useful pages, just 70% were indexed.

Ran a status-code analysis on all URL’s. 70% returned status OK, 30% had errors in them, errors we later corrected.

12 languages on one domain resulted in a lot of problems with multilingualism of the website. Our solution:

  • Registered canonical tags for duplicates;
  • Generated a sitemap with hreflang attributes;
  • Generated separate sitemaps for Google and Yandex;
  • Assigned regions to every category in Google Console.

Ran an analysis of the links on the website and discovered that a lot of the links were redundant leading to deleted pages, gathered these links together and either recovered the pages or set 301 redirects.

Compared Google and Yandex positions on all keywords and corrected major setbacks with the help of internal optimization.

increased from 70% to 95%
Google traffic
increased by +60%
Yandex traffic
increased by +160%
Bing, Baidu, Yahoo,
rank growth