Increase search engine traffic.
Site design was untypical for SEO-projects - a lot of graphics and few text, that's why for promotion was needed a different approach.
Work process
  • 1


    Have chosen those keywords which are well suited to the website and for which can create high-quality landing pages.

  • 2

    Improved the funnel of the order

    Analyzed the process of ordering our competitors and us.

  • 3

    Landing pages

    Increase the quality and relevance of landing pages.

  • 4

    Basic optimization

    Fixed all critical errors in basic optimization of website.

  • 5

    Commercial factors

    Improved all commercial factors that affect positions in Yandex in category "Hosting".

  • 6

    Improved behavioral factors

    Analyze the reasons of high bounce rate, in particular, bounce rate and fixed it.

  • 7

    Improved usability

    Analyzed how behave online users with Yandex.Webvisor tool, which records all user sessions.


For six months we came in the top 10 61% of keywords:

Client review

Thank AXIOMA team for fruitful cooperation! Work was easy and convenient, the SEO specialist created tasks to us directly in the corporate task management system, that's why we did not spend a lot of time for approval, as it happens with external contractors. Noticeable that experts of AXIOMA put their heart and soul into the project, work on the result. Indeed, we have felt an increase of traffic in a couple of months and regular company reports only confirm this fact.

Tatyana Grebenyukova
Head of marketing department