Increase website traffic from search.
Target audience - not a gamer, but the owners of game servers. That's why, by the selection of keywords it should clearly separate only our target audience.
We began to promote an absolutely new website, on just registered domain.
Work process
  • 1

    Selected keywords

    We took a list of all the games available
    on the website. We found all of the phrases,
    which are looking for
    hosting game servers. And combine
    the both lists.

  • 2

    Component analysis

    Have found the most successful
    in terms of SEO-strategy sites in this subject and made their component analysis - identified what factors help them to be in the top.

  • 3


    Made well optimized landings,
    under each group of keywords.

  • 4

    Quality links

    Bought quality links in news articles and reviews on topics of similar sites, selected manually.

  • 5

    Content section

    Made on the website a constantly
    updated content with news section about the game industry.

  • 6

    Affiliate program

    Optimized the affiliate program in order to all partners provided to us maximum
    weight of links.

  • 7

    Commercial factors

    Improved 20 commercial ranking factors in Yandex.


The result is for the six months increased traffic from search engines from 200 to 2 thousand a month and it's a significant growth for this subject:

Client review

Thank AXIOMA team for fruitful cooperation! Work was easy and convenient, the SEO specialist created tasks to us directly in the corporate task management system, that's why we did not spend a lot of time for approval, as it happens with external contractors. Noticeable that experts of AXIOMA put their heart and soul into the project, work on the result. Indeed, we have felt an increase of traffic in a couple of months and regular company reports only confirm this fact.

Tatyana Grebenyukova
Head of marketing department