To increase search traffic on:
Movie titles
On tagged sections
(categories, genres and themes of films, and so on)
Names of actors
Features - a huge website with over half a million pages. At the same time project is based on the principle of UGC (User Generated Content) and content on this website appears constantly.
In the course of detailed preliminary analysis of the website, we found:

many mistakes in optimization

which worsens its position in the search results;

many duplicate pages

which worsens the relevance of original pages;

searchers incorrectly identify relevant page

because of what many keywords outside the top of search results;

landing pages of the website is not enough optimized

mis used meta tags, headlines are not optimally generated, text content is duplicated.


We have done comprehensive work to improve optimization of the website, and as a result have achieved positive results.

We evaluated only search traffic, and only "not vital" keywords - the words that do not contain the name of the website in various forms of writing.


Before the beginning of promotion average audience was 270 thousand visitors per month.