Creating an effective website.
SEO optimization
The internal system of accounting turnover and management remains
  • Symfony framework – platform suitable for processing large amounts of data
  • Pages optimization for SEO-task and contextual advertising
  • System architecture, which provides high load and scalability
  • Functional inventory systems, sales and contractors
Modules of business management
  • Orders to suppliers
  • Consignees
  • Types of sending
  • Purchasing invoices
  • Suppliers
  • Pickup points
  • Invoices of suppliers
  • Payers
  • Agreements
  • Outgoing payments
  • Brands
  • Warehouses
  • Consignors
  • Logistics companies
Search engine SEO optimization

Made a deep analysis of activity of competitors, offered a detailed SEO-strategy

Selected group of pages to promote:
  • Pages of brands, for example «Bosch»
  • Category pages, for example «газонокосилки»
  • Brand + category pages, for example «бензопилы Husqvarna»
  • Pages of concrete product models
    For all of these pages, we chose a semantic core, consisting of 10,000 keywords.
10 000
As a result, six months after the beginning of the promotion we have reached TOP 10 in Yandex by many keywords.
For each type of pages we:
  • made full optimization of all html-tags
  • we have placed high-quality informative texts
  • added all important components
  • made a qualitative relinking
  • added structured data
  • placing links in high-quality industrial sources
  • Large and complex store for sale technique
  • TOP10 in Google and Yandex by key inquiries