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If you need technical solution provider to turn your idea into working business, we are the right guys to team up with. We have been creating tech startups and high-load web apps for many years, and we know exactly how to do it best. We understand how important it is for every entrepreneur to manage their budget carefully, and at the same time get all things done well and on time. And that’s why we have this special approach that allows us to develop projects with due quality, without deadline failures, and in accordance with your business requirements.

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Full Cycle Project Development:

  • Consulting and business analytics
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Interface prototyping
  • Technical support
  • Design
  • Server setup and administration
  • Programming
  • Conversion rate and search engine optimization
Outsourcing of dedicated teams

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We use innovative technologies and approaches to perform the tasks of our clients in most effective way.

  • Languages and frameworks
  • Databases
  • JS frameworks and libraries
  • Testing methodologies
  • Search engines
  • Tools

Languages and frameworks

PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/Jquery – a standard set of most web developers in the world. Each of these mature technologies continuously evolves, helping developers to make innovative products quickly and efficiently.

Symfony 2 – ultra-modern and one of the world's most popular MVC framework. This enterprise-level platform provides a high level of quality, reliability and speed. Most of the projects that we have done in the past three years were written in Symfony. During this time we have created our own library of plugins (bundles) and now are able to deploy new projects on prepared modules within several hours.

NodeJS – tool, which we often use to write scripts in projects.


MySQL is our main choice in development of average complexity projects. When the work with transactions, the financial logic, statistics and cartography are required, we use PostgreSQL. MongoDB we take as a tool in cases where we need massive reads from database and a few writes. Redis – simple and effective solution for data caching.
In technologically complex projects we use a mix of different databases, leveraging the strengths of each.

MySQL (MariaDB, Percona)     MongoDB     PostgreSQL     Redis

JS-frameworks and libraries

Lately development of front-end components has changed, and now there are many new tools for code optimization, speed and effective development. On most projects we use Require.js, WebPack and Handlebars.js.

Backbone.js – a library, which we use as a basis for development of a single-page applications.

Gulp / GruntJS – using these tools we optimize the size of images, CSS and JavaScript files and also change the way of uploading resources on clients of your project. We control how and in what amount the client receives resources, uploaded on separate pages. Each page contains only one set of resources, which is essential for its display.

Testing methodologies

The project (the most important parts or the whole code) is covered by unit-tests and functional tests for the frontend. We use a Continuous Integration approach, where tests are run automatically each time the code is updated in repository, and developer sees if his changes affects the other parts of the code.

Behavior driven development (BDD) most often we use in Agile projects, where written tests allow you to control the integrity of the project and to conduct quick changes without losing quality.

GitLab CI     Selenium     phpUnit     Behat     Mink

Search engines

When you need a large amount of filtering or searching by morphology, the standard database search is inefficient. Search engines Sphinx Search and Elastic Search create index, therefore search and filtering performed quickly and without overloading server resources.


Blackfire – using Blackfire we measure performance of written components and applications. Tracking metrics throughout the development makes us confident that we have written optimal and quality code.

Varnish – http caching server for faster page load. In some cases, it may give an increase of 20-50 times and save server from crashes under load.

NGINX – web server, de facto standard in working with large projects.

Newrelic – a set of tools for measuring work speed and errors. Using it we check performance of and find bottlenecks in the architecture of the project. We perform load testing and make sure that the project keeps the load required by the customer.

Sentry – error logging. It allows you to catch errors in the automatic mode. We install this tool on each project after its implementation and launch, and we can see the situation with bugs on the project after its release.


  • “Tour and tickets” company thanks AXIOMA for the efficient cooperation. We would like to distinguish creativity and high quality level of their work. During the time we’ve worked together AXIOMA team has showed themselves as a trustful partner and we would surely recommend them to everyone who needs someone to develop a modern and convenient website.

    Andreev O.N.
    CEO ООО "Тур энд Тикетс"
  • If you asked us to describe AXIOMA team in two words, we would say they are strong professionals. They suggest solutions that turn to be the most optimum ones. And as the result the client gets what he wants.

    Oleg Moisievich
    Owner of the project
  • The AS Eesti Ksediidipank Latvia branch thanks AXIOMA company for the effective cooperation in the field of web project development. The tasks set by the bank were carried out efficiently and on time. The AXIOMA team proved themselves as a reliable partner capable to provide the solutions for the client's needs creatively and with a high level of professionalism.

    Andrejs Timčuks
    Authorized person AS Eesti Ksediidipank
  • We'd like to thank the AXIOMA team for being so wise and active during our project development. They made a lot of very valuable suggestions in order to achieve the results-oriented goals. It's obvious that the AXIOMA specialists are really good at what they do. We would certainly recommend them to anyone who needs a website.

    Project owner MuscleSpace
  • On the behalf of the company Fotofox GmbH we would like to thank the team of the web-studio AXIOMA for the implementation of the internet store There was a complex task for the developers of the company AXIOMA; to create new site that would allow automate processes that used to be done manually. Also it was important to simplify processes for client orders of products. As the result of successful work the constructor of products was created allowing the client to make the order and pay for it without leaving home. Also now loading of images from Facebook and Instagram has become very convenient. We would like to accent the professionalism of AXIOMA employees and deep understanding of their business. In addition it was very pleasant to feel efficiency and technically competent attitude of employees regarding the work during the entire period of our cooperation. We hope for successful development of future business partnership!

    Mihail Berlant
    CEO Fotofox GmbH
  • AXIOMA team has showed very careful and attentive attitude to the ideas of Naco Technologies company, so we were able to get a website that was equal to our wishes.

    Alexander Parfhinovich
    Chairman of the Board Naco Technologies
  • Thank AXIOMA team for fruitful cooperation! Work was easy and convenient, the SEO specialist created tasks to us directly in the corporate task management system, that's why we did not spend a lot of time for approval, as it happens with external contractors. Noticeable that experts of AXIOMA put their heart and soul into the project, work on the result. Indeed, we have felt an increase of traffic in a couple of months and regular company reports only confirm this fact.

    Tatyana Grebenyukova
    Head of marketing department FirstVDS/Firstdedic/Firstgame
  • It has been a pleasure to work with you on the development of our web projects. Your experience, deep web design and development knowledge are top notch and have exceeded industry norms and my expectations. We feel led to tell you how much we've enjoyed working with you and how impressed we've been with your team that not only listens and understands our concerns and requests, but also adds value to them through creative ideas and solutions. Your systematic step-by-step workflow makes it easy to communicate and eliminates any risk of misunderstanding. We appreciate the level of advice, service, and commitment your team did to making our website a success. We are delighted with our finale product and see it as the starting point of our mutually beneficial relationship. Axioma was a perfect choice for us and we are confident this team will be a great long-term business partner for you.

    Aliaksei Pankevich
    Team Lead Promo R&D, Product Manager Wargaming
  • We are very satisfied with the cooperation with the company AXIOMA. The key concepts in work with this company are punctuality, target-oriented and creativity. Growth of indicators are the best thing to tell about the results of the work done. With the moment of launching the newly designed site with new functions the number of our subscribers has increased and especially subscribers of our electronic version that was one of the main tasks. And thanks to the software for the automatic conversion to the electronic issue we have the possibility to offer a unique product to our clients; purchase of individual articles instead of the entire issue and full text search. It increases interest of users as they receive economic benefit and no unwanted content. We continue cooperating with the company AXIOMA also in other our web-based projects.

    Tatjana Smishenko
    Web projects manager КГ Аюдар
  • The abc-ARGO company thanks AXIOMA and its employees for creating a platform about agriculture. Together we’ve have created an extraordinary and interesting website. During the project development process we’ve faced a few problems but they were successfully solved thanks to professionalism of AXIOMA's staff. We are looking forward to work with AXIOMA again.

    А.V. Gornostaev
    General director ООО "ЭйБиСи-Агро"
  • From our entire team of HomeAround.Ru we wish to express gratitude to the AXIOMA development team for the operative work in the implementation of our project. During our cooperation the team members of AXIOMA showed themselves as highly involved professionals. They were able to fulfill their tasks on the high level of quality and speed as well as ready to discuss and to offer the best practice that is a strong benefit and competitive advantage, especially in launching start-up projects.

    Yury Sokolov
    CEO OOO "Недвижимость Онлайн"
  • The team of social dating 2DINNER wants to say thank you to the company AXIOMA for providing professional services of website development. During the time of our cooperation AXIOMA employees has demonstrated punctuality, diligence and creative approach for non-standard tasks. AXIOMA proved itself as a secure partner.

    Omar Hasanov

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