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I heard about AXIOMA almost 4 years ago and when I invited guys for a small test project to develop the lending and its bundles with the payment system in order to check the Axioma for strength - we could not afford to risk when working with the main processes (B2B sales of cut flowers and potted plants).

As a result, the team coped with the task perfectly, and since then we have trusted them with all of its tasks relating to the web: from the design and development of a personal cabinet for customers to the creation of a floral online exchange from scratch.

Initially, we conducted projects on the classic "waterfall" scheme, but then AXIOMA proposed the AGILE / SCRUM approach. We ourselves adhered to this approach in internal development, therefore, after the first successfully completed project, we became convinced of the obvious advantages of this methodology and completely switched to SCRUM on all our joint projects.

Vladimir Rybnikov
Director of Development and Automation at 7flowers.ru

The development of Proof of Toss is completed

This summer, our work on the Proof of Toss project was completed. We are grateful to the founders of the project for entrusting the AXIOMA team with the thought out and implementation of the technical part of the project. The task was difficult but fascinating.

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