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There was a task to create a site for online sales in the electronic cigarettes market. I managed to start cooperation with one of the Russian companies, but I was not satisfied with the work: the site did not meet expectations and was poorly technically implemented. In this situation, additional expenses of finance and time were inevitable, since the work had to be corrected. Then I decided to go to another company, which in a short time will be able to bring the site to the level I need and make it fully ready to work. And it was AXIOMA that coped with this task so the project was launched with minimal time losses. After the past bitter experience, I fully appreciated the fact that with AXIOMA I had the opportunity to participate in all stages of development because the team is working with AGILE/SCRUM. I am grateful to the team and developers for their professionalism.

Nikolay Petrashov
Commercial Director Vapenroll.ru

Protection of Funds on Centralized Crypto Exchanges with Multi-Signature Addresses

For financial services companies, the security of the funds that are under their management is critically important. One of the most important tasks in the development of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange is the protection of customer funds. Within the framework of my column at Decenter.org, I spoke on the example of his own developments, explaining why multi-signature systems are good ways to protect Bitcoin and its forks that use the UTXO transaction model.

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