The Power of
Blockchain and AI

We specialize in delivering comprehensive solutions, covering everything from R&D to Development from scratch.

Web 3

We're a skilled blockchain development team offering cutting-edge R&D services to ensure businesses leverage the full potential of blockchain technology for efficient operations.

AI Development

Our team of experts have extensive experience in developing customized AI-powered solutions


We are skilled in working with different blockchain and decentralised technologies like:


Secure Crypto-storage

We specialize in secure crypto storage, bringing deep expertise to safeguard digital assets.

Smart Contracts

Our proficiency lies in the intricate domain of smart contracts, ensuring robust and efficient automated agreements.

Crypto Wallets

Explore the realm of crypto wallets with our profound expertise, providing secure and user-friendly solutions.

Asset Tokenisation

Leverage our expertise to discovering new methods for transferring a variety of assets on the blockchain.


We are skilled in working with different AI technologies, like: 


Autonomous Agents Development

Crafting AI agents for assistance in work and daily life.

Text Recognition and Analysis

Automating reporting and analytics.

Image Recognition and Generation

Enhancing creative and analytical applications across industries.

Voice Recognition

Solutions for call center efficiency.

How we work

Describe your task

Describe the task in your own words and send it to us via email, Telegram or feedback form.

Diving into your business

We’ll take a deep dive into your business and resurface with the right questions. From the very beginning our manager and technical specialist will work on your task.

Check out our solution

We'll provide a detailed estimation and development plan, including risk analysis, to collaboratively determine timelines and costs for your business solution

Our approach

We provide skilled Agile teams of talented professionals that create custom web-based solutions.

Sprints planing

Every two weeks, we will provide you with reports on the achieved results and outline the work plan for the upcoming period.

Daily standups

Daily 15-minute team meetings ensure synchronization of activities and challenges. Your developers and management can join if necessary.


In regular demonstrations, we showcase the current progress of the project, demonstrating the functionality of new features and discussing feedback from clients.


Biweekly retrospectives allow the development team to swiftly address and resolve technical and organizational challenges.