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Thank AXIOMA team for fruitful cooperation! Work was easy and convenient, the SEO specialist created tasks to us directly in the corporate task management system, that's why we did not spend a lot of time for approval, as it happens with external contractors. Noticeable that experts of AXIOMA put their heart and soul into the project, work on the result. Indeed, we have felt an increase of traffic in a couple of months and regular company reports only confirm this fact.

Tatyana Grebenyukova
Head of marketing department FirstVDS/Firstdedic/Firstgame

Protection of Funds on Centralized Crypto Exchanges with Multi-Signature Addresses

For financial services companies, the security of the funds that are under their management is critically important. One of the most important tasks in the development of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange is the protection of customer funds. Within the framework of my column at Decenter.org, I spoke on the example of his own developments, explaining why multi-signature systems are good ways to protect Bitcoin and its forks that use the UTXO transaction model.

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