AXIOMA EXCHANGE – Cryptocurrency exchange software


After a long and successful work on developing of FinTech and Blockchain projects for clients, we have created our own product: AXIOMA EXCHANGE, the cryptocurrency exchange software.

Why Axioma Exchange is better than others:

  • Full access to the source code is provided
  • Scalable solution, micro-service architecture
  • Any additional functionality might be implemented upon request
  • Сompetitive price


Client profile

  • Profile management
  • Two-Factor Authentication – SMS or Google Authenticator
  • KYC – verification of the identity by uploading the documents
  • The ticket system for customer support
  • Restriction of the number of registrations from one IP address
  • E-mail and SMS notifications

Trade Interface

  • The choice of a trading pair
  • Depth of Market with statistics and orders grouped
  • Market chart and technical analysis tools
  • Transactions list with ability to filter own transactions
  • Different types of form to create orders (limit, market, stop-limit)
  • List of active user’s orders
  • Advanced trade engine
  • Live interface update using WebSocket
  • Multilanguage
  • Public and private API: REST, WebSocket, Ticker
  • Order book

Administration System

  • Dashboard
  • User management
  • Account verification
  • A detailed report of users’ activities
  • Ticket system management and correspondence with users
  • Management of administrators + access rights management
  • Two-factor verification to protect administrators’ important activities
  • Deposit management
  • Management of withdrawals from deposits
  • Built-in CMS (text pages management)
  • Management of the exchange settings
  • The size of the commission on deposit, withdrawal of funds and trade operations
  • Number of confirmations for a deposit

Quality benefits

  • Microservice architecture
  • Containerization support
  • Fault tolerance mechanisms for all internal modules
  • Monitoring of errors in production (integration with Sentry)
  • Direct connection to blockchains
  • Coverage of the code by automated tests
  • Corporate coding standards using Continuous Integration practices
  • Detailed documentation for users, developers, and system administrators

Technology stack used within the development

  • Ruby, Rails 5.2
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ
  • Docker


The amount of custom changes determines the launch period. The average delivery time is 1-2 months.

Opportunities for our clients

We provide a ready-made solution that we will install on your servers and get it ready for launch in a short time.

Above this, within the customization, we can:

  • create and integrate a new skin for the exchange
  • add the required cryptocurrencies or fiat
  • implement a specific security functionality
  • finalize the trade and administrative interfaces
  • make support for the additional business processes.

We have stopped selling and supporting this product. Instead, we focused on the development of the WhiteFlo platform, which, among other things, has a module for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

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