The development of Proof of Toss is completed

This summer, our work on the Proof of Toss project was completed. We are grateful to the founders of the project for entrusting the AXIOMA team with the thought out and implementation of the technical part of the project. The task was difficult but fascinating.

For a year of active development, we selected a blockchain that fits the requirements of the customer, and then designed and implemented the MVP project – a protocol for all betting industry participants work.

This project was a challenge to our technical skills and required the study of completely new aspects of programming related to the blockchain and gambling industries. We are pleased that AXIOMA coped with all the tasks and completed the development successfully.

We were also happy to help the founders and owners of Proof of Toss in conducting the ICO project, we hope that our participation helped to promote the idea of ​​an honest and transparent protocol for betting.

We would like to wish a great success to the founders of Proof of Toss in the further development of the project!

More about the technical aspects of Proof of Toss on the case page in our portfolio:

Konstantin Rukin
Founder and CFO Axioma
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