After a long and successful work on developing of FinTech and Blockchain projects for clients, we have created our own product: AXIOMA EXCHANGE, the cryptocurrency exchange software.

Why AXIOMA EXCHANGE is better than others:
- Full access to the source code is provided
- Scalable solution, microservice architecture
- Any additional functionality might be implemented upon request
- Сompetitive price


Client profile

  • Profile management
  • Two-Factor Authentication - SMS or Google Authenticator
  • KYC – verification of the identity by uploading the documents
  • The ticket system for customer support
  • Restriction of the number of registrations from one IP address
  • E-mail and SMS notifications


  • Currency deposit
  • Currency withdrawal
  • Address management for currency withdrawal
  • History of orders, transactions, deposits, withdrawals
  • Support for fiat currencies, ERC-20 tokens, and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin / Ethereum / Bitcoin Cash / Litecoin / Dash)
  • ERC-20 tokens and API compatible currencies can be added fast

Trade Interface

  • The choice of a trading pair
  • Depth of Market with statistics and orders grouped
  • Market chart and technical analysis tools
  • Transactions list with ability to filter own transactions
  • Different types of form to create orders (limit, market, stop-limit)
  • List of active user's orders
  • Advanced trade engine
  • Live interface update using WebSocket
  • Multilanguage
  • Public and private API: REST, WebSocket, Ticker
  • Order book

Administration System

  • Dashboard
  • User management
  • Account verification
  • A detailed report of users’ activities
  • Ticket system management and correspondence with users
  • Management of administrators + access rights management
  • Two-factor verification to protect administrators’ important activities
  • Deposit management
  • Management of withdrawals from deposits
  • Built-in CMS (text pages management)
  • Management of the exchange settings
  • The size of the commission on deposit, withdrawal of funds and trade operations
  • Number of confirmations for a deposit

Quality benefits

  • Microservice architecture
  • Containerization support
  • Fault tolerance mechanisms for all internal modules
  • Monitoring of errors in production (integration with Sentry)
  • Direct connection to blockchains
  • Coverage of the code by automated tests
  • Corporate coding standards using Continuous Integration practices
  • Detailed documentation for users, developers, and system administrators

Technology stack used within the development

  • Ruby, Rails 5.2
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ
  • Docker


The amount of custom changes determines the launch period. The average delivery time is 1-2 months.

Opportunities for our clients

We provide a ready-made solution that we will install on your servers and get it ready for launch in a short time.

Above this, within the customization, we can:

  • create and integrate a new skin for the exchange
  • add the required cryptocurrencies or fiat
  • implement a specific security functionality
  • finalize the trade and administrative interfaces
  • make support for the additional business processes.

We have stopped selling and supporting this product. Instead, we focused on the development of the AXIOMA Crypro PSP platform, which, among other things, has a module for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies.