One of the leading companies on the Russian video and photo hosting service market.


When our client came to us, his project was already launched. The problem was, it didn’t work right. The project consisted of 10 different websites, unrelated to each other. It was a way too difficult to administer them. We had to develop an integrated system with a centralized control system, a single content cluster, and an opportunity to add new satellite pages. Besides this, the system had to be fault tolerable and capable of withstanding very high loads.



  • User interface with branched filtration system and movie & photo search
  • Content delivery system integrated with CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • System of converting videos to various formats
  • Easily axpandable promo-website network, with a system of
  • automatic new website generation
  • Integration with Affiliate Management system (NATS - https://www.toomuchmedia.com/nats.htm)
  • Administration system

Tasks completed

Engineering, design, programming, integrationg with NATS Billing, API, integration with CDN API, testing, deployment, support


  • PHP
  • Symfony framework
  • MySQL
  • Sphinx Search
  • Capifony
  • JQuery
  • Redis
  • Bash
  • FFMpeg