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Evaluation tool for financial results and investment attractiveness of the projects

  • MVP (minimum viable product) development
  • The swift launch
  • The architecture allows to develop a large project in future


  • Young startup
  • Founder – investment banking professional, INSEAD graduate


  • Impressive amount of financial mathematics and analytics
  • Tables are optimized for large amount of data input
  • Symfony framework – powerful platform for custom projects
  • Minimum investment in design and layout
  • Scrum (agile) methodology and work by short sprints


Excellent example of swift launch of start-up projects

1. Most important only

This project is the classic example how to quickly launch and test business model. Nothing unnecessary was made. Client has got the product in shortest time and minimal budget to make the presentation to potential clients and investors.

2. Short iterations

The work was divided on short iterations with close involvement of client into the process. The very essence of the project – input tables and calculations of the results where created during the first iteration.

3. Swift result

After three weeks only the client have got basic functionality to play with and make corrections on next sprints. The same principle was saved for all iterations – the limited amount of functions was discussed, programmed and launched.

4. Clear process

As the result, the client had full control on the budget and timeline of development, understanding the cost of each functional module, and had the ability to optimize his investments on the go.


  • First release in three weeks
  • Optimal investments on MVP (minimum viable product)
  • Startup is ready for presentation to investors and customers


Client review

Superprofessional team earned it’s top place on ratings by right. Rarest combination of high quality, speed, client service and price. All inclusive 5 stars service. Alexander Shvecoz CEO
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