Create a new website to replace the old one

Extend the list of features

Orders’ processing automation


Designing tools

Choice of the surface for painting: canvas, aluminium panel, glass or wallpaper

Selection of the type of canvas, size, photo effects, frame

Integration with CRM

Order data is sent to customer’s CRM system

Client can see the status of orders in the account on website

Photo catalog

Find the photos you like in the catalog and proceed to designing tools section

Preparation of the materials for production

Production is realized in semi-automatic mode. The website sends prepared list of files. Printing equipment uses these files to print the images on selected base. Then the base attaches manually to the frame, wall folder, etc.

Facebook and Instagram integration

If you store all your best photos in your Facebook or Instagram accounts, select one button and select the photo from your favorite social network.

Discounts and coupons

Flexible discounts and promo codes system. Assignment to the groups and sizes of products, in absolute values or percentage, limited time or lifetime.

Integration with three payment systems

Payments accepted by Paypal and two national processing centers, including credit cards payments.

Gift certificates

Purchasing and redeeming of digital gift certificates.

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