Residential property catalog with extended filters and deep web mapping services integration


  • 6 - Building of the universal core to connect to different platforms
  • 30 prototypes of interface emerged
  • 12 variants of sections’ combination were tried during the user interface development

The complete information on the property.

Request for the visit of apartment and mortgage rate

Compare selected apartments

in the most comfortable way

“Driving time” filter:

Select the points on the map (your office, for example) and the max driving time to the apartment. The rout to apartment will be shown on the map.

Search results page has optimized version for tablets and low resolution desktops


Extremely complex Javascript programming of dynamic interface. Search results page functionality works completely without page reload.

Integration with mapping applications Google maps, Yandex maps and OSM

0.1 seconds search speed through the database of new buildings. Sphinx Search is used.

0.1 seconds search speed through the database of new buildings. Sphinx Search is used.

SEO optimization

Main task – to make traffic of users from Yandex and Google search, who are looking for apartments in new buildings.

We made the audit and solved a number of issues:

  • optimization of the traffic pages was improved
  • double pages errors were corrected
  • nontraffic pages were closed from indexation
  • markup microformats
  • basic website optimization was made

As the result, after 10 months after the start of activities organic search traffic was grown up for

x5 Google* 5 times, x2 Yandex* 2 times
Chart view


  • Complex dynamic website with the well-thought interface
  • Impressive amount of different filters
  • Extensive use of mapping services


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